Marina Farysheva


Project Manager

2021 Sberbank, Project Manager, Engineering Expertise Department, Infrastructure Finance and Engineering Support Department, Key Clients Lending Department of the Central Office. 2021 FBU GKZ, Leading Engineer of the Metals Department, Reserves Management TPI 2017-2021 Siberian Anthracite, Leading Geologist 2017-2018 FSBI TsNIGRI, Researcher 2013-2017 Chitageloologorazvedka (Rosgeologia) / FSUE TsNIGRI (joint project) leading geologist 2010-2013 White Tiger Gold Management / Mangazeya Maying LLC, geologist, leading geologist 2008-2011 MF VSEGEI, geologist 2005-2012 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Bachelor, Master of Engineering and Technology, direction "Geology and Exploration of Mineral Resources". 2005 –2010 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Faculty of Foreign Languages. Translator's diploma in the field of professional activity. Experience in the extractive industry has allowed me to accumulate a large number of specialized skills that combine geological knowledge, experience with computer programs, the ability to analyze a large amount of geological information. She is familiar with Russian and international standards (NI 43-101, JORC), subsoil legislation, instructions, and recommendations of the State Reserves Committee.