Session 13

Session 13

16:00 – 17:40 / 6 October 2022   Pushkin Hall

Advanced exploration technologies and methods.

Tamara Golovina
Director, Exploration Technology and Joint Project Department

16:00 - Theme Pending

16:10 - Technologies for performing complex geological prospecting work for 1 field season

Alexander Parshin
Scientific Director
Siberian School of Geosciences, Irkutsk National Research Technical University

16:20 - Methodology for assessing the prospects of territories for porphyry mineralization

Sergey Petrov
Advisor to the General Director, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Group of companies "LIMS"

16:30 - Modern approaches to the geological study of territories: from data collection to the creation of 3D geological models

Victoria Chikatueva
Head of Scientific and Technical Support Department Geologist, Mineralogist
IGT-Service (IGT group)

16:40 - Geophysical technologies in diamond exploration. The best world practices and requests for breakthrough innovations

Evgenii Goncharov
Head of the Department of Expertise and Methodology of the Department of the Mineral Resource Base

16:50 - Advanced geophysical technologies for mineral exploration and optimization of field technics

Evgenii Ermolin
Geological-Geophysical service company GM-Service

17:00 - Modern methods of airborne electromagnetic survey

John Moilanen
Head of Geophysics Department

17:10 - Exploration criteria for gold deposits in the Bodaibo region

Alexander Budyak
Head of the Department of Ore Geology
Siberian School of Geosciences, Irkutsk National Research Technical University

17:20 - Prospects for the discovery of a large gold deposit in the southern part of the Trans-Baikal Territory

Vasily Makarov
SN Gold Mining

17:30 - The deposit of ultrapotassium rocks Kalyumnoye in Transbaikalia - the history of the study and the current state of the project. Revolution in the market of chlorine-free potash fertilizers

Alexander Pestrikov
Geologist consultant
Baikal Nedra Geo