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Shandong Humon Smelting Co. Ltd. was established in 1988 and specializes in the processing and refining of gold-copper, gold-lead, rare metal and semi-metal concentrates using the latest side and bottom blowing systems with oxygen-enriched air.

The largest shareholder is the largest copper company in China - Jiangxi Copper Corporation Limited.

The company has created a holistic industrial system in which integrated exploring, mining, concentration, smelting, in addition, activities began in the field of semiconductors and other new high-purity materials. The company is one of the national key enterprises smelting of gold, which apply high technology and comprehensive utilization of resources. Currently, during the year we buy various gold, silver, lead, copper concentrates, the volume of which is 1500 thousand tons, including 700 thousand tons of copper concentrates, 200 thousand tons of lead concentrates, 400 thousand tons of gold concentrates, 200 thousand tons of silver concentrates. Annual production: 50 tons of gold, 1000 tons of silver, 250,000 tons of cathode copper, 100,000 tons of lead ingots, 20,000 tons of zinc ingots, 1,300,000 tons of sulfuric acid. In addition to this, using our own technologies, we also extract related components from combined resistant concentrates, produce antimony white, bismuth ingot, tellurium ingot, and arsenic. From 2017 to the present, the company has been among the top ten gold producers in China and ranks first there.