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Piklema is a developer of "digital advisors" for the mining industry. Piklema brings together experts in the field of digital transformation of the industry with more than 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of IT solutions for the mining industry in Russia and abroad.

Piklema solutions allow you to optimize the processes of mining production and the operation of quarry vehicles. Key solutions of the company allow to reduce the specific fuel consumption of mining dump trucks and increase the mileage of large tires. Piklema key solutions:

A digital advisor to the driver (Piklema Driver Assistance) allows, through recommendations in choosing the optimal speed on all sections of the road and monitoring violations when driving mining trucks, to reduce specific fuel consumption by up to 7%
The Piklema Tires Management system allows you to increase the tire life by up to 10% due to accurate recommendations on tire rotation and rearrangement, as well as track the entire life cycle of tires.

Piklema Maintenance Manager, a system for remote diagnostics and monitoring of the operation of mining dump trucks, allows you to monitor the deviation of the internal combustion engine, promptly notify you of abnormal modes of operation of mining dump truck units.

Piklema Methane Prediction, a digital advisor to the operator of steam-gas control (GCC), allows to reduce downtime of combines in coal mines by up to 10%, due to accurate recommendations and predictions of methane values ​​on the horizon of 1-5 minutes.

Piklema Mine to Port digital advisor for managing the Mining and Processing Complex. Forecasting the productivity of the GOK and rescheduling mining operations, using
predictive analytics and mathematical modeling.

In 2017, Piklema's project to use digital advisors in the mining industry was recognized as innovative and received organizational and methodological support from ASI. The use of digital advisors in the mining industry will improve the efficiency and safety of mining operations and can serve as a catalyst for the development of innovative technologies in Russia, which is in line with the strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of Russia.

Piklema is a partner of Hexagon Mining, the world leader in the digitalization of mining processes. The synergy between the technical teams of Piklema and Hexagon Mining brings together innovative solutions aimed at meeting the needs of enterprises and solving the main problems of the mining industry in the field of mining efficiency and safety.