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Netcad Software is the leading software company developing products and solutions for use in the engineering and project implementation fields such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Smart City Solutions, IoT Solutions, Mining Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions, Land Arrangement and Urban Planning Solutions. Netcad, with its 30 years of experience and being one of the pioneer firms in the software sector, has more than 40 GIS and CAD applications and more than 350 project solutions for desktop, web, mobile, and cloud platforms, all of which comply with international standards. Company has 30,000 licenses and 100,000 licensed users in Turkey and abroad. Which makes the market share of Netcad Technologies in Turkey grow up to 90%. Netcad is also the leader of the mining sector in Turkey. Netcad Mining Solutions are used in more than 600 mining companies. Turkey Republic Ministry of Natural Resource manages all mining projects in Turkey from a single center and all necessary information is collected in real-time with Netcad Mining Solutions. Thus, we facilitate the extraction of non-recyclable resources in the most efficient way and provide the management of mine sites.