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Institute of Geotechnologies (IGT) was founded in 2003 and is the base brand of the entire IGT Group. Our strengths are multidisciplinary qualifications and experience, the use of non-standard solutions, knowledge and successful application of the world's best geological exploration practices, obtained in close cooperation with the world's leading mining, consulting and engineering companies. For 17 years of work, we have raised the bar high in the culture of conducting field and office work and fulfilling obligations to customers.

Currently, the IGT Group includes the Institute of Geotechnologies, IGT-service and IGT-Sky Group. All enterprises are private, not affiliated with any state, financial or industrial group, and although all enterprises are associated with prospecting and exploration of mineral resources, they operate in different technological areas. All companies of the Group are residents of the Moscow State University Science Park. M.V. Lomonosov.

IGT today is the primarily geological and technological audit, consulting, geological design, development and implementation of the most modern methods of prospecting and exploration for solid minerals.

Depending on specific projects and customer requirements, IGT performs an analysis of their raw material base, provides recommendations for verification and updating of reserves, prepares databases and three-dimensional geological and mathematical models of reserves and resources, develops concepts and strategies for project development, organizes and performs resource qualification and reserves in international (JORC, NI 43 101, etc.) and domestic (GKZ RF) formats, various stages of technical and economic assessments and justifications in the framework of international (Scoping / Pre-Feasibility / Feasibility Study) and domestic (FER / TPP / feasibility study) / Draft) requirements, prepares Information and Investment Memorandums and Business Plans for the development of projects for the development of raw material objects of solid minerals, helping to attract various forms of equity and debt financing.

By issuing a number of analytical materials, IGT is constantly expanding the circle of its contacts and strengthening its reputation among structures that finance exploration and production of solid minerals (and gold in particular), and companies that own such projects. IGT has been accredited by a number of large and several medium-sized banks in Russia as an authorized consulting and supervisory company.

Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 220.85.54 / + 7 (495) 246.85.54

Address: 119234, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory street, vl. 1, bldg. 77, "Science Park of Moscow State University", office 1-104