About MINEX Forum

About MINEX Forum

MINEX Forum is an independent and impartial international event platform not connected with the interests of individual companies or organisations. The Forum is dedicated to the mining and mineral exploration industry offering wide opportunities for the presentation of views, experiences, projects, and technologies.

The Forum is open to participants from public and private organisations, as well as international communities and academic institutions. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything the MINEX Forum does. When sign-up speakers, we make every effort to create, without any personal preference or prejudice, a balanced agenda featuring alternative experiences, opinions, and practices.


Since its inception in 2005 MINEX Forum has organised over 100 events and brought together more than 10 000 participants.

These events facilitated industry-wide and cross-border discussion of ideas, projects, practices, and technologies for unlocking mineral wealth and developing sustainable and responsible mining industry in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and countries of Central Asia.


The MINEX Russia Forum and Exhibition are organised and held by the Russian company “MINEX Mining Forum LLC”.  The “MINEX Russia” trademark is registered by “MINEX Mining Forum LLC”.

Regular events

MINEX Russia

Founded in 2005, MINEX Russia is one of the oldest and most representative industry events in the country. Organised annually in Moscow, the Forum provides opportunities for presentation and discussion of key trends, projects, and technologies in the mining and geological industry in Russia and Eurasia.

MINEX Kazakhstan

Held since 2010, MINEX Kazakhstan is one of the best-regarded mining events in Central Asia. Held every year in Nur-Sultan, the Forum provides a platform for presentation of important changes in Kazakhstan’s mining legislation and the key projects and technologies developed in Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia.


MINEX Central Asia

MINEX Central Asia Forum was established in 2010 and was initially held in Kazakhstan. From 2022 Forum will be consequently held in different countries emphasising opportunities for inter-regional and international cooperation in the development of a sustainable mining industry. The 10th MINEX Central Asia will be held from 6 to 7 December in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

Events organised under the MINEX Forum trademark

MINEX Kyrgyzstan

The MINEX Kyrgyzstan Forum, organised in Bishkek in 2018, became one of the first international mining events ever held in the country.  The Forum has brought together all key players from the local government, mining and exploration companies, investors, corporations, service companies, and NGOs. The Forum has created a unique opportunity to discuss with stakeholders the key challenges for mining in Kyrgyzstan and also to present the opportunities for the development of untapped mineral resources using modern technologies and approaches.

MINEX Uzbekistan

The MINEX Uzbekistan Roundtable, organised in Tashkent in 2017, was one of the first international mining events held under the newly elected government. The event brought together international mining companies and suppliers of services and equipment took place. Within the framework of MINEX Uzbekistan, meetings were organised with national mining companies and state regulators, as well as agreements, were signed on the implementation of a number of projects.

MINEX Far East

The MINEX Far East Conference, organised since 2008, is the largest event that addresses the business potential, issues, and prospects for the development of the mining industry in Siberia and the Far East.

Events organised by the MINEX Forum team

Mining Goes Digital

The Mining Goes Digital conference, established in 2019, became the first event in Russia dedicated to the implementation of 4.0 Technologies and the digital transformation of mining and metallurgical industry enterprises.

Smart Industry Conference

Smart Industry Conference – одно из первых в России межотраслевых мероприятий, объединяющих опыт компаний различных секторов экономики в области цифровой трансформации и внедрения технологий Industry 4.0.

Mining HR Fair and Conference

The Fair is organised alongside the MINEX Russia Forum. It facilitates the exchange of best practices and problem-solving discussions focusing on personnel training and human resources management in the mining sector. The event brings together HR directors, heads of training and personnel management, talent management, recruiting agencies, universities, and companies specialising in the development of programs and HR Management and professional Training technologies.

Industry competitions

MINEX Forums often host national and international competitions which help to recognise and promote innovation and best practices in various aspects of extractive and technology industries.

Russian Mining Award

The annual competition “Russian Mining Excellence Award” was established by the MINEX Forum in 2007 with the aim of independent evaluation and popularisation of outstanding achievements in the mining industry in Russia. Over the years, the competition has become a Russian “Mining Oscar”. The competition categories feature best performing mining and investment projects, leapfrogs in modernisation of mining production, social and environmental support programs, etc.


The MineTech competition is regularly held alongside MINEX Forums in Russia and Kazakhstan, contributing to the promotion of breakthrough technologies and projects in the mining industry.

MineMovie Film Festival

MineMovie Film Festival is the most significant short films event dedicated to mining and metals industry in Eurasia.  The competition is organised since 2019 in partnership with with the First Geological Internet Channel.


The competition of technologies for the digital transformation of mining and metallurgical enterprises is held within the framework of the Mining Goes Digital conferences in Russia and Kazakhstan.